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I’m an impassioned writer and reader, with a bachelor’s degree in communications, concentrations in psychology and health, and more than two decades of writing experience. 

I’ve penned numerous short stories, essays, poems, and hundreds of articles on health, interpersonal communication, travel, dating, family relations, romantic relationships, feminism, culture, and friendship. 

It’s an utter delight and thrill of mine to share insights, and my life experiences, and inspirations with others. I do this with the thought (and hope) in mind that my offerings might impact another life in a positive, inspired fashion, the way that so many writers have powerfully affected mine.

Since the age of two, I’ve had a book perpetually in hand. Taking in ideas, stories, and books the way I used to devour desserts (though as I’ve gotten older, the dessert consumption has abated slightly). Now, I write the way others eat and breathe air; as a necessary, unavoidable aspect to living and being. Reading and writing are my greatest loves (aside from the loved ones in my life). I was drawn into a love affair with words from when I was mere months old, and haven’t left it since. To be engaged and entranced within this for the entirety of my life is a great yearning and hope.

One of my most cherished memories of the four years I spent living in Europe (from 2013-2017) was every Sunday afternoon, I would pack up a pile of notebooks, my i-Pod, and a few euros for a couple mugs of tea, and would set off for Sugar Mama, my favorite spot. The inside of the café resembled the coziest of living rooms, with a glowing display case showing off the most luscious of confections. Cakes piled with peaks of frosting, cream cheese swirled brownies, colorful quiches, and thickly stacked sandwiches. I’d snag a window seat and sit for hours, writing the day away and drinking green tea, people watching and losing myself in the story I was penning.

I’ve completed two fictional novels, one of which I am currently pitching for publishing. I’ve already begun work on my third novel.

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